Dirk Hollweg

I use light to set the scene for your personality.

lux100 Lighting Design. Unique like you.

  • Only the right lighting unfolds the full effect of a room, its furnishings and works of art. And helps you to unfold your full potential.

  • At any time of day. Never again too dark, never again too bright - always pleasant, always well lit.

  • At any time of day. Never again too dark, never again too bright - always pleasant, always well lit.

3D light
  • You can impressively experience in advance and in 3D how your new lighting design will look. Be it in the early or late evening or to supplement daylight. Because: first comes the light, then the luminaire.

  • lux100 specialises in private houses and flats as well as in small, fine properties.

  • lux100 specialises in private houses and flats as well as in small, fine properties.

  • lux100 recommends selected luminaires from leading brands in order to jointly develop the best light for you. On request, the delivery of the luminaires and the briefing of the electrician is provided so that everything shines as planned.

  • In this lamp series from Czechia, the artistry of the glassblowers enchants the lighting effect. Brilliant sparkle provides the elegance that makes a room special.

  • Lively contrasts and shadows model rooms and objects - the appropriate lighting tool is the downlight. It shines glare-free like a small sun and allows the decorative luminaires to be simply beautiful.

  • The design of a good downlight is demanding: best light with excellent colour rendering and biodynamic light colours - adjustable, glare-free and with different beam angles.

  • This classic luminaire does not have to illuminate the entire room. That's why it's wonderfully gentle character comes into its own very effectively. As. Design: George Nelson, 1947.

  • Light scenes instead of individual luminaires: A single press of a button ensures the right brightness and light colour for all light sources - coordinated by the lighting designer to suit the different times of day. And this is no more expensive than dimming conventionally.

  • Stainless steel, copper, bronze or brass are metals that are particularly effective due to the light reflections, and could build a bridge to interior design.

  • In professional environments such as offices, shops or practices, lighting design is supplemented by requirements for minimum brightness, durability and efficiency.

  • "Dear Mr Hollweg, you really impressed us and also convinced us. We were downright flashed! A real gain in joie de vivre!"

  • "We are completely happy with the new light and would do everything exactly the same way again, especially entrusting you with the planning and supervision!"

  • "Yes, the 3D images have really whetted our appetite for living in this great house. A floor plan like this isn't much fun ;-)"

  • "There is nothing to improve, everything runs well and is very pleasant. Thank you very much for your interest, even after the installation!"

  • "The lighting is super and is very well received in the company. The event lighting was also used at the Christmas party according to the planning!"

  • "My eyes are more relaxed and the whole atmosphere is much better. Especially the second consulting room has clearly gained!"


Dirk Hollweg

Lighting Designer

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+49 40 69 65 65 10, +49 179 228 4824
Mühlenkamp 13a, 22303 Hamburg, GERMANY
» Showroom Speicherwerkstatt: St. Annenufer 5
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Experience from over 500 projects


  • Villas, terraced houses and detached houses
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, flats
  • Listed old buildings
  • Penthouses with roof terraces
  • Pools, wellness areas, fitness rooms
  • Gardens, conservatories, outdoor pools, ponds
  • Facades


  • Showroom Otto Wulff constructions, Billstedt
  • Bahlsen head office, Hanover
  • linkFISH training centre, Altes Gaswerk
  • Resurrection Church, Lohbrügge
  • Dahler&Company, Eppendorf
  • State Office for Geoinformation and Surveying, Hamburg
  • Dental practice Dentaversum, Ballindamm
  • Practice Hamburg, Hohe Weide
  • Medical centre Am Sand, Harburg
  • Dental practice at the Seeburg, Spitalerstraße
  • Medical centre Saarstraße, Munich
  • Orthopaedic practice at Schwanenwik
  • Dental practice in Börnsen
  • Gynocological practice, Hoheluft
  • Dental practice in Grillparzerstraße
  • Nedderfeld shopping centre, Lokstedt
  • Shopping centre Villa Stellinger Höfe
  • Fitness studios Rocco Sports I and II, HafenCity
  • StarLeaf video conference centre, Neuer Wall
  • DEKOM AG, video and media technology, Groß-Borstel
  • Office building WAS Germany, Rosengarten
  • SchuhKay offices and showroom, Hoheluft
  • Villa Pomona, GfG constructions, Ahrensburg
  • New office building, Luttkau Company, Heidgraben
  • Wilhelminian style villa 4 Q Invest, Rostock
  • Diakoniestiftung Alt-Hamburg, Bebelallee
  • Law firm Brückner&Kuse, Harburg
  • Romantikhotel Josthof, Salzhausen
  • Hotel Citadines at Arnulfpark, Munich
  • Restaurant Bar & Lounge Pulvermühle, Groß-Borstel
  • Restaurant Knechthausen, Stade
  • Harlachinger Einkehr, Munich
  • Restaurant Fardi, Hofweg
  • Das Friedchen clothing shop, Ottensen
  • Wine shop Wabnitz, Lüneburg
  • Sigrid Clausen wines and spirits, Rotherbaum
  • Baths Schoneboom, Schneverdingen
  • Oton hearing aid acoustician, Mundsburger Damm
  • Foto Video Sauter, Munich
  • Zweiradperle bike shop, Altstädter Strasse
  • Hamburg Leuchtfeuer hospice, Altona
  • Museum Schleswig-Holstein Haus, Schwerin
  • Art gallery DulsArt, Dulsberg
  • Art gallery, Verbindungsbahn